X-Treme Media Browser is a revolutionary web browser that will automatically find links to FREE media content. All you need to do is supply ONE URL!  X-Treme Media Browser will return up to and over 100 links to free movie files.

Stop hunting bogus web sites to find one movie link.  X-Treme Media Browser will do all of the hard work for you.

Not only will X-Treme Media Browser find links to media files, it will also play them for you.  Once movie clips are found, simply click on the movie of your choice and your default movie player will open and play the movie for you.  You do not need to use your default movie player to play the movie clips as X-Treme Media Browser comes with a built in movie player.

X-Treme Media Finder is a unique software tool that allows users to extract media files from an Internet web site.  The Internet is teaming with sites dedicated to providing free media, such as, video files, audio files, and application files. 

X-Treme Media Finder will traverse through links and sub links contained in any given web site a user chooses to search.  You simply enter a URL into the address bar, click the Fetch button, and X-Treme Media Finder will begin extracting relevant links to media files based on the search criteria.

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